Before you upload files to our server
Before you upload files to us, please check the following to ensure that we get the best possible files to work with.
Leave some headroom in your mixes
 This is main problem we find with the advent of digital limiters, maximizer plug-ins, etc. If the tracks/mixes that you send us are already heavily limited and running right up to 0dB, there is less that can be accomplished in the mastering process to correct any problems that may exist. We encourage -6dB to allow for our processing. It is not bad to have compressors active when you are doing your tracking/mixing, just bypass them when you create the mixes/stems to send to us. By this, we do not mean to turn off ALL compressors. There is a place for compressors to keep some instruments under control, and even buss compressors. These are fine and should be left active. Check your final waveforms against
these images if you are in doubt.
Listen carefully to your mixes for clipping and distortion, these problems usually become much more apparent during mastering and can be difficult or impossible to fix in a transparent fashion.
Heads and tails
In order to have enough room to work during the eMixing/mastering process it is best to have more space at the beginning and the end of each track. It is especially important at the end of each track so that softer information like reverb tails and cymals ringing, etc. do not get accidentally cut short. We will automatically trim the songs to the correct length at the end of the mastering process
We recommend leaving 10 - 15 seconds before and after each track.
On elements such as drums or vocals that seem fairly transparent during mixing can often become much more up front at mastering. Small amounts of equalization can reveal detail that often make compression artifacts much more audible than was intended. Unless a pumping type of compression sound is desired as an effect, less is always more. Longer release times help to minimize this effect as well.
File Type
We suggest that you upload the highest bit rate, uncompressed file that you can.
We can accomodate .wav and .aiff. Compressed file formats such as .mp3 and .mp4 can be accepted, but offer much less quality due to the amount of infrmation that was removed in the compression of the file.
Bit rates above 24bits are preferred for higher quality, although lower bit rates are accepted if that is all you have available.
Contact Us
When you are ready to submit your songs to us, send us an Email by using the "Contact Us" menu item above.
We will send you information on uploading your files directly to our server. Once we recieve your files, we will begin eMixing/Mastering your songs.