1 song $50
4-6 songs $200
7-12 songs $400
over 12 songs Call for a quote

under 12 tracks $100
$800 per CD
12-24 tracks $150
$1000 per CD
over 24 tracks $200
$1500 per CD

Studio Recording
Per hour $35

Remote Recording
Per hour call for a quote
Unsure? Let us check a mix for free
If you are not sure if your music can benefit from mastering, you can have us check one mix for free. We will analyze it for levels, eq, and stray noise and clipping. If we find that you can benefit from mastering, we wil send you a short clip of your song mastered for free. This way you can hear the difference before you need to make any committments.
Our services include:
Mastering is the final step fr your song before it gets sent for distribution. It is the last process that adds an extra dimension to the music making it sound at its best and translates well on all music systems. It also creates consistency in levels and tone between all of the tracks, making it sound like a CD.
In eMixing we will take the raw tracks that you recorded, mix them, adding the appropriate equalization, compression, and effects to make your music sound equal to other industry releases. We will them master these mixes as described above.
Studio Recording
If you do not have the equipment or facilities to do your own recording, you can choose to come to our studio and record in our rooms. We will provide engineers, and producers, if necessary to assure that your recording session is completed with the least amount of problems.
Remote Recording
With some events and/or instruments, it is not possible to come to a recording studio. We have mobile equipment available to come and record on site. As with the studio recordings, we will provide engineers, and producers, if necessary. we will also bring the recording equipment to you.