What is eMixing?
With the advent of project studios more and more artists are choosing to record their own music instead of going to a formal studio. While this helps to reduce the cost of recording, many of these project studios lack the hardware, software, and engineering experience to produce top quality industry standard mixes.
Many times the project studio mixes sound good in the studio, but have deficiencies when the songs are played in different environments. Here at Sanctuary Sound, we have the equipment and engineering staff to take your recordings and move them to the next level.
Our mixes will have the clarity, stereo space, and quality of industry standards. Our engineers have a combined 50+ years of experience mixing all genres of music.

Mixing and Mastering

We offer online mixing and mastering. This includes mixing of individual tracks, stems and mastering of stereo content.

Easy operation
We will send you a password to securely upload your tracks to our servers.

Flexible hours
We are available 24 hours a day by appointment.

Live Streaming
We can securely stream the mixing session to you in real time so that you can even comment on the mixing/mastering session as it happens.

Backup Protection
We archive all sessions until you request them to be deleted. Your valuable session can be recalled weeks, months, or years later, if necessary.

Guaranteed Satisfaction
We will guarantee that you will like our work or we will continue to update it until you do. Multiple mixes are available.