Rob Fulco

Rob "Jr." started playing guitar when he was he was 14, paying attention to how instruments sounded when they were recorded. 8 years into playing guitar he purchased a multi effects guitar pedal that had an 8 track recorder built into it. The pedal also came with a music editing software that changed the direction of his involvement in the world of music....
Since then he has attended the Audio Institute of America audio engineering course located in San Francisco California, were he received his recording engineer certification.
Rob has recorded numerous songs of his own and is currently working on the new Sacred Warrior album Waiting in Darkness, while also recording, mixing and mastering music for artists like Bruce Swift, The Sacrificed and Katie Behr.

Steve Watkins

Steve is a senior engineer with 30 years experience in mixing, mastering, and producing.

His discography includes:

Dave Eno
First Presbyterian Church
Leah Pearl Band
My Great Elephant
Reaching For Mercy
Sacred Warrior
The Wayside

Brian Watkins

Brian is a singer, songwriter, guitar player, worship leader, and producer. He grew up with music constantly around, going to concerts from his dad's bands and even touring.
Brian has a love of music and appreciates all styles but specializes in rock and country. He's proficient in both studio mixing and live sound, but specializes in getting great guitar tones.